Welcome To Thought Premium Inc.

Thought Premium is a global private equity investment firm that aims to invest in privately held firms in sectors such as Business Services, Software and Technology Services, Healthcare, Industrial Services, niche Manufacturing and Educational Services in both US as well as in India. The firm focuses exclusively in the lower middle market ($1M - $35M EBITDA) and transaction values of up to $100M. We provide capital (for liquidity as well as for growth) as well as value added resources to take a business to the next level.

Our mission is to invest and actively grow privately held firms. Our philosophy is to take a strategic role in the business and create value through focus, partnership and support. Our core values include honesty, Integrity, respect and drive.

Thought Premium is also a member of the Association for Corporate Growth .

Why Us?

Certainty of closing
We have access to large pools of committed funds and work with a diverse group of Senior Lenders, Mezzanine financing firms, Private Equity Funds, Private Equity Groups, High Net Worth individuals, Private and Angel investors. We are very comfortable with transaction values of up to $100M.

Flexible transaction structure
We develop a close relationship with the sellers to deeply understand their desires, wants and needs out of the transaction and then propose an optimized WIN-WIN deal structure that takes into account their life style as well as their overall tax situation

Partnership with sellers
In situations where the sellers are exiting we realize the importance of building on their work and carrying on their legacy. We have long term growth in mind and commit to taking utmost care of the current customers, employees and other stakeholders. In situations where the seller stays on to operate the business we not only provide capital, but would also provide additional support resources to create substantial value